Four Important Things A Home Owner Should Know About Security Alarms

19 Feb

A lot of home owners do not have security system at the top of their priority list.  However, while comparing the difference between the initial cost of installing a security system and the value of losses incurred from theft is very revealing.

Ideally, the cost of an average home security system cannot be more than 1 to 3% of your homes total value.  This percentage is very small when compared to the advantages you will get from having a security alarm.  Listed below are some of the benefits you need to know about.

Reduced cost of insurance.  Many insurance companies will give you a reduced coverage rate for the homes which have alarm systems installed in them.  Whether you want to buy content insurance, home insurance or both, you will most likely get a discount. The discount may be significant or small depending on the insurance company you choose.  Before choosing any insurance company, you need to first inquire about any such benefits.

Increased home value. Apart from offering protection to your home, valuables and family, installing a security system in your home will give your home a lasting value.  A security system is a long term investment which is likely to pay off in the long run. The cost of installing and purchasing security alarms is just a small percentage of the total value of your property.  Keeping in mind that you will certainly get the money you used when you want to sell your property.  Having a good security system is a very good selling point which can be used by real estate agents to sell your property.

Contributing to a safe neighborhood. Considering the recent home burglar statistics, about 5.4% of homes in the country experienced attempted break-ins and break-ins in 2005.  This is about 450000 homes in that year. Be sure to watch this video at for more facts about security alarm.

Even when your neighbors have not installed a security system in their homes, a good security system will help in reducing the rate of criminal activities in your neighborhood.  From a recent study, it is shown that a good security alarm will not only provide the needed security for your property alone, your neighbor will also benefit from this as an added advantage.  Before crimes happen you need to stop them. Installing a security alarm in your home informs other people that you are concerned about the safety of your family. Click here!

Peaceful mind.  You might have heard that peace cannot be bought.  Especially when your family and your property is concerned.

However you may look at it, the advantages of good security alarm outweighs the risks. It does not matter how you view it, the benefits of installing a security system far outweighs the risks. The risks of buying and installing security alarms are far less than the advantages.

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